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Firelord throws GR at Jupiter
Firelord BFR

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with out that and speed blitz gr has a better chance
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@TruePwnge said:
"Firelord throws GR at Jupiter  Firelord BFR "

Fire lord can't hurt GR and if Firelord tries to pick GR up to fly him into space GR just blows him up. GR for the win
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Penance Stare ftw

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Ghost Rider, during has last run, was established as one of Marvel's most powerful supereheroes.  During the World War Hulk arc a few year ago, he tangoed with a World War level Hulk.  GR yanked a building down on top of Banner.  Banner proceeded to knock GR through the street, into the sewer.  Apparently unconcious, he is awakened by the demon supplying him his power who tells Blaze, "I can supply with more power.  Much more power."  Blaze, Zarathos' avatar, however, has other plans and drives off on his motorcyle, having more pressing matters to deal with.  Dr Strange told Tony Stark during the WWHulk arc that Ghost Rider had almost unlimited power to..."godlike" is how Strange described him.  He further mentioned Ghost Rider had the power to take out Hulk. 
Firelord is a powerful entitiy.  But not all heralds are created equal.  Firelord, in my humble opinion, is no match for the current Firelord. 
Ghost Rider for the win.