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Ghost Rider


Etrigan the Demon

Blackest Night: Batman #03

Morals off

Win by killing the opponent

Johny Blaze Ghost Rider

Pre-52 Etrigan

Standard equipment

Battle takes place in Hell

Who wins?

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Ghost Rider

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@jeanroygrant said:

Ghost Rider

Agreed. With Blaze in control Etrigan does have the stat advantage however being a demon the penance stare should own him.

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Etrigan. It's Blaze he's going against not Dan Ketch

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Etrigan has millennia of experience on Blaze. Plus, he doesn't look like he was based off an Iron Maiden album cover. Etrigan also has experience beating the crap out of Lobo and he acquitted himself honorably against Superman once. This match is a stomp.

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Ghost Rider...he beats demons before breakfast then ramps off them afterwards.

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Wow. Just wow.

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What's wrong with Iron Maiden?

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Etrigan might wins this easy if its simply Blaze Control Rider.

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Zarathos > Etrigan.

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@Original_Human_Torch said:

Zarathos > Etrigan.

True but he stated Blaze GR.

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@CadenceV2 said:

@Original_Human_Torch said:

Zarathos > Etrigan.

True but he stated Blaze GR.

He gets a beating until Zarathos decides it is time to stomp someone :).

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