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  • Third Age Witch King (Book Version) with a mace and sword.
  • Geralt from TW2 with standard set of equipment.
  • 15 feet away from each other.
  • No mounts.
  • No magic or supernatural hax; purely physical fight.
  • No interference
  • Location- Pellenor Fields
  • To the death.
  • The concept of only a "woman" to beat the WK is nonexistent in this fight.
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Unless Geralt is a woman he won't win. The Witch King can't be killed by a man. Or something like that.

No offence to Geralt.

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Hm maybe I should edit the whole "women" concept in this battle.

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i think Geralt has him beat physically and skill wise. very cool fight though!

even with the rules ignored, i'd probably still go with Geralt.