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who was the better lex luther

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Rosenbaum. Easy. To be fair though, Gene's was pre-crisis and only had three movies of character development where as Mike's was post-crisis and he had 7 seasons worth of development. I say MR because that Lex had his hand in everything, lied about it and then got royally butt hurt when someone lied to him. That is a dude who was just written to be hated.

Hackman's was never a believable threat.

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Rosenbaum>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Any other live action Lex.

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MR's Lex stomps. He is and will always be my favorite version of Lex. I don't know which actor is playing Lex in the Man of Steel movie but i wish it was MR

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i also preferred MR but i have to say hackman was arguably the greatest actor ever on the big screen

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rosenbaum. soooooooooooo awesome and a totally cool version of a younger Lex. I still imagine his voice while reading Smallville or any other comics with Lex

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Rosenbaum, by a large margin.

More so than any other character on Smallville I actually believed that he was embodying the spirit of his comic counterpart, he in my mind will forever be the barometer by which all future live action iterations of Lex Luthor will be judged on.

Hackman while a top tier actor had Luthor coming off as a glorified pool hustler; to me he never sold Luthor as a credible threat, more like a minor annoyance.

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@The Stegman said:

Rosenbaum>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Any other live action Lex.

John Shea from Lois and Clark comes close. The is no actor that portrayed his arrogance as well as he did. Living on the top floor of the tallest building in Metropolis so if people want to see him they have to look up.

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Michael Rosenbaum ftw

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MR was the perfect young lex, i do wish he would have gotten more muscler towards the end of the show, but with how he controls everything and did so much evil and got away and lied bout it was just awesome.