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Gantz Team Include:Kei,Izumi,Nishi,Reika,Kaze,Cherry(w/control of powers + bloodlust)Kato,Old Man

Gantz Gear Include : Power Suit,1 Xgun,1 Xrifile,Gantz Sword,Cloacking Controller,

Extra Gear: Kei,Izumi,Reika, Have Z gun(s) each Nishi has Hard Suit w/mech Kato has Y gun


Comic Team Include: Iron Man( Hulk Buster),Blue Beatle,War Machine,Spiderman (Iron Spider),Darkhawk,Deadshot

No Prep

In Character(but prepared to kill)

Win By KO or Death

TakePlace: NewYork City Midnight

Gant team Want points(close to hundred)

All Comic Charater are in the Modern Form

Who Wins And why?

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