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These are two characters I saw on these forums and realized are more powerful than the interpretations I've seen. So here goes

Darth Sidious has his light Saber and is at his prime

The fight starts 20 feet away

Who wins?

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Let the flood gates open people

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Gandalf can easily make his lightsaber melt like butter or blind him with a flashing light.

No question Gandalf VALARSTOMPS.

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Sidious stomps. He can move at revalistic speeds, create storms big enough to annihilate full Star Destroyers, possess bodies, and mind wiped a planet of billions.

Also this has been done before.

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Darth Sidious

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One one hand we have Gandalf who in typical tolkien fashion, has very few quantifiable feats because of Tolkien's mythic prose. On the other hand we have Palpatine whose power level can be anything from street leveler if you disregard C canon to "a glass cannon heralder" if you accept a certain series that shall not be named.

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It could go either way.