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(Only swords and hand to hand)

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Gamora... easily.

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She did defeat Thanos using only hand-to-hand... it does kinda trump the others.

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She did? When did that happen? In the pages of the Infinity Watch they sparred, Gamora landed a nerve blow seemingly paralyzing Thanos, but she knew he was just faking hoping she would come in closer, but she wasn't falling for it. And he was faking paralysis.

Other than that, I don't think they've actually fought a real fight, just sparring rounds.

But yeah, Gamora beats the other two floozies named above hands down.

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I was counting that sparring match... I didn't realize he was faking, it's been years since I read it.

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If anyone could nerve-strike Thanos into paralysis it would be Gamora, but in that instance, yes, he was faking it. :)

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Although Fatale is possibly stronger than Gamora, I think that Gamora's far superior MA skills would easily win through. She knows so many means to paralyse or kill an individual through weaks on the body and added to that she has enhanced strength, speed and durability - making her reactions faster than Fatale and in all areas physically superior to Red Sonja.

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