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Game of Thrones vs Spartacus

Dog vs Crixus

John Snow vs Agron

Jaime Lannister vs Spartacus

Bronn vs Gannicus

Brienne Tarth vs Naevia

Dog(Broadsword) Crixus(Shortsword and Shield) - John(Broadsword) Agron(Shortsword) - Jaime(Broadsword) Spartacus(Duel Shortswords) - Bronn(Broadsword and Knife) Gannicus(Duel Shortsword) - Brienne(Broadsword) Naevia(Shortsword)

Fight to the death, takes place in King's Landing.

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Game of Thrones. They have magic. But if you want a fight with sword, Spartacus, the dude took entire legions by himself lol.

1. This is interesting. But i say stalemate. Booth are very skilled. But Crixius is way faster than Dog.

2. This is interesting. But John didn't show too much combat skills so far. My vote goes to Agron.

3. Spartacus, easily.

4. Gannicus. Easily. he's a champion of the Arena.

5. Stalemate. Booth are very skilled, Naevia is too fast.

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Spartacus and his gladiators in a stomp.

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1) Dog. Skill wise I don't think they differ much, The Hound strength and stamina will win the day for him.

2) Agron. Snow is a third tier swordsman at best.

3) Spartacus. Too. Much. Skill

4) Gannicus. Bronn is good, but he is not that good.

5) Brienne stomps hard.

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Game of Thrones wins in a stomp, they have sorceress, ice walkers, dragons etc None of which Spartacus tv show setting have an answer for

One on One I feel Spartucs beats them horribly, they have crazy skill and very good damage soak in the battle arenas...WITHOUT ARMOR,

Even the powerful Dog from Thrones falls

Brienne of Tarth should win though, she's well armored, huge in size and she is very skilled and little Naevia can't do much here and she doesnt have the endurance for a long fight

it would be interesting to see how 2000 year old weapons go up against more modern Fictional/European/Mythical swords and armors

they have stuff like Valyrian steel !?!? seriously WTF is it? This is a fictional element like Thor armor or Wonder Woman's shield or Tolkien metals like Mithril and because Valyrian steel is fictional... It might cut through Rome like a hot knife through butter

I still think Spartacus and his men should win

It's difficult to know for certain, there are many factors here - the one example above a more modern sword, with better forging and better metallurgy might cut an ancient Roman sword in half

but overall I feel Spartacus and his men are too much

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@Charlie_Jade said:

the one example above a more modern sword, with better forging and better metallurgy might cut an ancient Roman sword in half

unless Valyrian or any of those metals have some weird properties, it wouldn't make much of a difference, the millenium separating Spartacus from Middle Ages (which I assume GoT is based on heavily) wasn't enough for significant changes. at least not the ones who would make a GoT sword cut through a roman gladius