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Why I did this battle: I like both of these characters so I don't consider myself biased. These are two characters that are good with projectiles and both are VERY agile. Gambit has his explosive cards, and Leon has a variety of guns. Gambit has his staff and Leon has his knife. I see this as a very good match up and I hope people don't come saying "spite", or my thread gets locked for no apparent reason.

- Now since a lot of people are going to say Gambit (this is COMICVINE after all), I'm going to try to put some of Leon's feats.


Leon dodging lasers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFM1umQWS8E

Leon in a knife fight (requires A LOT of dexterity) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ50a1_I6YE&feature=related

Leon throwing a knife and dodging it when it's thrown back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1GODJfk3rk

Leon dodging an attack with an axe (1:33 to 1:40) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zgm4DeSs0M&feature=related

Leon has a suplex and a kick that are strong enough to take off peoples' heads off (0:00 to 0:07)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_AMZSA-DqQ&feature=related

Leon has a lot of experience in taking on freaky mutated shit throughout his adventures. He's really at H2H fighting, good marksman, good with knife, he's fairly intelligent and a good tactician.



Fight takes place in the village you start off at in Resident Evil 4.

Leon starts off with: Hand Grenades (2) Flash Grenades (5); Knife; Handcannon, Chicago Typewriter (infinite), Rocket Launcher (infinite), Punisher (ammo that penetrates anything), and his Riot Gun.

Gambit starts off with: Bo staff & playing cards (5 decks)

Leon is aware about Gambit's powers, and has 1 hour to prepare before Gambit arrives. He has the rest of his weapons and extra ammunition to use if he needs, in a shack.

Fight is to the death.

Who do you think will win?

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Gambit wins.

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GAMBIT. Too much agility for Leon

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Gambit just 'splodes Leon.

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is too much for Kennedy to handle.

Leon is one of my favs though...

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Leon is much, much better equipped, Gambit is fast, but I don't think he could dodge all of Leons shots, plus grenades and a rocket launcher. Gambit can win if he gets close enough, or if Leon is stupid, but Leon has prep and is aware of what Gambit can do. I freakin hate Leon "Chris is way more awesome", and love Gambit, but i don't think he can win this.

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This is like Captain America vs Chris Redfield.

Oh wait... that's been done.

Leon all the way. He fights for his country.

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I don't think it's one sided at all.

Leon has an infinite Tommy Gun, and Gambit is going to have a hard time dodging it all, considering that Leon doesn't need to reload and he's a good marksman.

Leon's also very agile himself, he'll be able to dodge gambit's cards. Leon's got too many weapons. Although I agree Gambit has BETTER agility, but I do think Leon is a slightly better fighter and stronger. One of his kicks can take Gambit's head off. Leon also has flash grenades and has prep. He knows what Gambit can do.

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Throughout his history, Leon has displayed impressive tactical ability and improv skills. Ada even referred to him as a genius. With his hour of prep, he's sure to set this place up.

He can hide inside a house and shoot at Gambit from the window. Gambit can dodge, obviously, but when he runs to get inside the house to get Leon, he'll push open the door and set off a tripwire. Boom, grenade blows up, Leon follows up with Chicago Typewriter spray.

Leon chucks his knife into Salazar's hand with pinpoint accuracy,

Throws his grapple hook right into Krauser's hands messing up his aim before Krauser can shoot him, then avoids the gunfire,

launches an RPG (hardly the most accurace weapon) directly into Saddler's eye, while it's trashing all about.

Point being Leon is a crack shot. Gambit is agile, but I'm sure the agent can get a shot off, especially after Gambit gets blown up be a grenade.

Even if the explosion doesn't work, Leon still has flash grenades that can stun Gambit long enough for him to blast him.

If all else fails, Leon still has the infinite RPG. Gambit can avoid the missiles, but can he escape the blast radius?

Meanwhile, Leon is fast and agile enough to avoid whatever Gambit throws out.

The laser scene is the obvious example of Leon's agility. What's most impressive about this though is Leon's reflexes. In a split second between the lasers appearance, and them slicing into him, he can assess their positions and figure out the exact way to maneuver his body to avoid them, then act that out.

Not only does he tank getting b*tch slapped 20 yards, but he manages to escape the collapsing platform and shows off some nice parkour in the process.

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Gambit kills him with ease. Aside from Wesker and maybe Jake after we see what he can do in RE6, Resident Evil characters are massively outclassed by comic streets. Let alone a mutant who can kill Leon by touching him. Gambit even without powers outclasses Leon in everything.

Speaking of wich, outside of Wesker I've never seen any Resident Evil character perform bullet timing feats.

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@Twentyfive said:

Leon all the way. He fights for his country.