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My friend says Colossus would win,but I think Gambit wins because he has kinetic energy.

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Colossus wins.

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Colossus stomps.

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@Nefarious said:

Colossus stomps.
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@Spidermeat101: What was the set up for the encounter in your argument? It doesnt look good for Gambit if things like starting distance and cover aren't provided to give him a chance to come up with something : /
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@whacknasty: They star away from a distance.They get prep time

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Colossus easily.

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Colossus FTW!!!

This seems to be unintentional spite.

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@Nefarious: Would it be possible for Gambit to charge up Colossus' skin like he did Cap's armor/outfit? I think that may be out of character for him to try (and him being that close long enough would probably end up with him being splatted...), but wondering if he even has the capability to ko Colossus in that manner
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@whacknasty: His metal skin is still organic unlike Cap's armour, also during that fight Cap was wearing some heavy plot armour underneath.

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Yeah Colossus definitely wins.

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@whacknasty: He should be able to charge it, ignoring AvX's "facts" and Asmus' recent slip up considering he has probably 5 organic charges under his belt in the past couple of years.

Regardless, Remy can't win this.