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Gambit is in character.
Morals on.
Gambit possesses Total Kinetic Control: Gambit was temporarily given his full potential to battle his counterpart New Son. At his full power Gambit can control all aspects of kinetic energy up to even the molecular level, allowing him to fire energy blasts, defy gravity, heal wounds, charge objects within his line of sight without contact, additionally he can charge organic matter, blowing it up just by thinking about it and effectively exist as energy. He can also manipulate the potency of the energy release. He had the power necessary to cause another being to be unable to move or unable to stop if in motion. He was able to cause or simulate various energies by manipulating the kinetic energy present, such as infrared and microwaves by increasing molecular agitation, or cool by reducing it. (from wiki)
1 day prep
round 1:Blob.
round 2: Colossonaut.
round 3: Gladiator
round 4: Hulk
all opponents are bloodlusted.

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Stalemates at 2. I don't think his control over kinetics should affect the magical, unstoppable locomotion of the Gem of Cytorrak. Collosus Juggernaut doesn't have quite the volume of invincibility showings as Cain, but he was clearly more durable in his Juggernaut form and basically kicked the crap out of everyone until he willfully removed the power. I don't see how Gambit could actually incapacitate a bloodlusted champion of Cytorrak.

That said, full control over kinetics would make him impossible to catch via flight. Juggs would probably eventually win because Gambit should still fatigue via needing sleep and sustenance.

He would definitely stop at 3. Bloodlusted Gladiator just vaporizes him with his heat vision without having to move. Exploding everyone of his molecules might be a worthwhile tactic, but Gladiator should be able to zap him faster than Gambit can zap back.

He would actually probably beat Hulk. Assuming he has true, absolute control over kinetics, then Hulk would be frozen and Gambit could individually charge each of his molecules and explode them all.

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Schooled. Lol

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Gambit clears it.

With his full potential powers, he can transform himself into a pure energy form, where all of the Gauntlet opponents would be incapable of harming him.

He is also more than capable, with those powers, simply winning all the matches by BFR, even if he can't simply explode them(which is only a possible concern with Colossonaut).

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Schooled. Re schooled.

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gambit clears with ease and he stomps killer croc

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Oh nice!

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@SirMethos: The main problem is his brain would be melted before he could think to do anything by a bloodlusted Gladiator. Pretty sure Gambit doesn't have reaction feats that would allow him to dodge/respond to laser vision.

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Well I think his mutant ability gives him enhanced agility. Idk to what extent but it might be enough

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Probably stops at 3, and if not, certainly at 4.

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I think he clears, even though it'll be hard

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I don't see him getting past Colossunaut.

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@Dredeuced: He(gambit) has 1 day to prep.

Part of his prep. could easily be, to make sure that he is already in his Energy form, by the time the fight starts.

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In this scenario Gambit would win against Blob and Maybe Hulk ,I dont think he can win against Colossusnaut and Gladiator

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@SirMethos: That's cool, I still don't see how he's taking down someone with Cytorrak's blessing. If he can survive Gladiator's eyebeams then he'd beat that. Gambit could clear if he wasn't dealing with physics ignoring demon magic.

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@Dredeuced: BFR. Use his complete control of Kinetic Energy, to send Colossusnaut flying out of the battlefield, and the solar system, etc.

There is nothing in the OP that says he has to kill or K.O. them in order to win.