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Team one should win. Rhino beats rockslide but gambit is fast enough to evade shocker and put him down quickly, nightcrawler utilizes his power much better than spot has shown to do. Then its Gambit and Nightcrawler vs Rhino. Gambit can possibly KO him or Nightcrawler could port drop him from way up. If Spot wasnt such a jobber he could possibly solo. he can basically make his fist appear anywhere, make gambits cards explode in his face, make rockslide punch himself stupid, and probably mess with Kurts teleportation pretty bad. But alas spot remains kind of a joke villian.

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Spot has been a badass of late so im on the fence because Kurt isnt a punk either, truely dpnt know wat team wins

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Seems like this comes down to does Gambit+Rockslide+Nightcrawler = 1/3 Sinister Six + Spot. Team one should take this 9/10 times

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As long as Rockslide kamikazes himself again via kinetic charge from Gambit, team 1 wins in my book.

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Team 1