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Battle take place near the Source wall while a Black hole is begin to form.

Random encounter

No one knows of each other

Bloodlust is on

Galactus hunger is satisfied

No prep

Both are Fullpower.

NO heralds

Who wins



Yuga Khan


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Galactus stomps.

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With both at FP, meaning Galactus being his abstract self shoulder-to-shoulder with Eternity and Death, Yuga Khan is obliterated with mere reality manipulation. Yuga Khan seems a intensely powerful energy manipulator, and a leech at that, assuming since few on-screen examples have reached print, just parts of recollections from top tier New Gods, stricken with fright mind you.

There's little confirmation but I always envisioned Yuga Khan an energy leech of planetary and galaxy-wide scale. He was drawn to the energies of the Source, the concentration of energies fueling existence in and of th universe, confined behind The Promethean Wall. He was able to separate once but was bound to it a second ultimate time. Maybe, big conjecture here, Yuga Khan as a member of a generation of The New Gods preceding Darkseid and Highfather, is evolutionaryily less bound to the physical laws of the dimension. Yuga Khan could access and traverse hyperspace, and siphon energy from organic sources, from mortals to New Gods to whole planets. In theory he could siphon enough energies to release from his corporeal form, attaining a storyline similar Marvel's Kronos, Eternal God of Time and grandfather to Thanos of Titan. But even Kronos doesn't equate to Galactus FP, which has been on panel, tmk. Still Yuga Khan is a universal threat but Galactus is multivesal so, splat.

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At full power, shoulder to shoulder with Eternity & Death?? Did I miss something??

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