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if silver surfer had the ability to use the power cosmic to its full extent who would win?

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I don't see Surfer beating Galactus.

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Galactus could just strip Norrin of his abilities entirely and leave him to perish in the unsurvivable conditions of space. The end.

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... Wut 
If Surfer had the power cosmic to it's full extent then he would either be as powerful as Galactus (if you believe Galactus is the source), or more powerful then Galactus since the power cosmic is thought to be limitless. Either way, this match up is a little silly.

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There are two problems I see here:

  1. Surfer with all the Power Cosmic means he is Galactus without the hunger. So hypothetically if this fight was to occur, Big G would be on the losing end as his powers would deplete over time, whereas Surfer's would stay constant.
  2. How can you have two beings possessing the full extent of the Power Cosmic, especially when one of them requires it to live?