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Could Superman, Sentry, Captain Marvel, Bizarro, WWH Hulk (He can fly), Juggernaut (Flight also), Thor with OF, Doomsday (Flight too), Black Adam, Nova, Darkseid, Thanos, and Despero take out Galactus? No Prep.

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Assuming he is decently fed then no.

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Only if Galactus is well fed.

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Only a near death galactus would lose.

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No they couldn't take out Galactus.

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thor, sentry, and hulk would be the first ones to die

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Ummm, no, if Galactus wasn't on the brink of starvation going into this battle he wins, there is like nothing the powerhouses could do to him!!!

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The team can't win.

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Fully fed Galactus wins, effortless curbstomp

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@YoggSaron: Really? that whole team can't win?......Dang that sucks.

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Galactus still wins this

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Thanos had allied himself with Annihilus out of curiosity. When he learns Annihilus' plan is to extinguish all life in the universe, Thanos plans to betray him by releasing Galactus. Just before he can do so, Drax appears and kills him. Drax and Moondragon then release the Silver Surfer, who in turn releases Galactus.

Galactus proceeds to unleash a massive, omnidirectional blast that later becomes known as the "Galactus event." Silver Surfer is sent ahead of the blast by Galactus to herald the imminent destruction, as the unleashed "Galactus obliteration perimeter" wipes out the majority of the Annihilation Wave, more than three star systems and even vaporizes a Watcher.

So says wiki.

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@YoggSaron: This

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Sadly... the team can't win.

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That made me laugh...

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Isn't Thor with OF> or =Odin?

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Is Juggernaut Trion Juggernaut? or 8th Day?

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@blackadamFTW: no, and it wouldnt even matter, galactus > odin

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@IKnowEverything said:

Sadly... the team can't win.