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Outer Space is the location. 
- The team is at peak levels. Galactus remains at regular levels. Random encounter. The team is bloodlusted. They are all classic versions, including Galactus.  
- Can the team defeat Galactus? WIll Galactus dominate the team?
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The team brutalizes him.

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Ya Galactus gets stomped. Dormamu alone can bring the fight to G.

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This is a huge mismatch. Team stomps.

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Wow two of the most powerful demons in the Marvel Universe and 1 of the most powerful in the DC each cabal of bringing Worlds galaxies universe to their knees and you only put Galactus at regular strength I still wouldn't think he could beat them at full so Dorm,Sur,and Tri for the win

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What a mismatch. Dormammu alone soloes, being able to contend with Galactus. Though that's Classic Dormammu.

In any sense, the Team combined win easily.

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At least give Big G Tyrant at full power and/or all his heralds.

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this is a stomp , Dormammu and trigon both solo

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