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who has the larger power base and the knowledge to use it. can galactus survive, can anti-monitor survive. fight is to the death. no morals because neither have them. both at full power. the universe is the battlefield.

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Probally been done many times over but it is new to some so please bare with us on this one.

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Been done.

CoIE Anti-Monitor stomps. Post-Johns AM might lose, depending on how weak Galactus is.

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COIE Anti-Moniter

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Anti-Moniter is way above Galactus

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And the worst part is, Anti-Monitor's HeroClix is a quad base colossal, whereas Galactus' is 3 by 6 squares. I definitely remember Anti-Monitor's second form being the same size as the powered up Spectre and a lot bigger than a sentinel.

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anti-monitor would destroy big g