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(Movie Bane, Fully-Fed Galactus, Ult. Hobgoblin)

(Pictures for Bats Beyond and MODOK wont show up for some reason)

(No Anti-Life equation for Darkseid)

  • Standard gear and equipment for everyone
  • Location: Apokolips
  • No prep-time
  • Both teams start 90 miles away from each other

First to get 16 votes wins and voting will be closed.

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Team 1 in a stomp.

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O_o..whoa!...this is different...I'ma have to go with team 1...Galactus doesn't even need a team here

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Galactus solos, well, actually Darkseid could hold off for a while, but he eventually loose.

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Hobgoblin's team wins.

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most these guys are non factor

boils down to galactus vs darkseid

which has been done before

and galactus wins

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What? Galactus really tips the scales for this battle. You have Bane, Hobgoblin, then Galactus out of nowhere.

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Let's see Batman could take Hobgoblin. Darkseid would crush Bane... and whoa wait a minute... Galactus? The crap? GALACTUS! Are you serious. Never mind this thread fails.

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Fully Fed Galactus makes the rest of the players non factors. 
Terrible concept and SPITE. 

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Fully fed Galactus lol would just walk away. Would not even be worth his time. Hell, a starving Galactus would walk away.

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They would run away from Galactus. So he wins by bfr.

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Bane solos with his Galactus busting back breaker

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1.7k views.. 16 comments lol

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