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Galactus wants to eat Earth but is well aware that he is not powerful enough to do it. Therefore, he recruits some new power heralds to assist him with his quest. He gets the following characters:



-Dr. Doom

All of them have sacrificed their willpower to Galactus in exchange for power enhancements (each character has doubled in their intelligence, durability and power) the opportunity to take his place when he dies. They preplanned their assault by assassinating Illumanti (so no infinity gems) and destroyed the ultimate nullifier but they did not plan on cosmic or otherworldly hero being able to assist (ie Silver Surfer, Thor).

Under what scenario and/or what Marvel heroes can defeat Galactus and his super powered heralds?

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is that darkseid in a galactus suit?.....

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Wait...Thanos and Doom's intelligence doubled?

I sense a disturbance in the matrix

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Spite would be restricting the Marvel heroes to street fighters.

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@mikemaximum: No, Spite is granting the Mad Titan and Doom 2x efficiency.

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No spite would be saying that you can't use gods, Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, etc.

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Galactus and Heralds

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Hmm... I don't believe anyone could stop them really.