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TOAA decides to mess and creates The Ethernal Cosmical Supreme Magikarp. The Magikarp became extremely ruthless, splashing entire planets, galaxys and universes. Galactus wants to stop it before every planet ceases to exist. Eternity will help him, otherwise, they will be splashed.

Ethernal Cosmical Supreme Magikarp

In the banging of the times, there was TOAA. In the begin of the space, there was Magikarp. TOAA then created the Omniverse and Magikarp created the first beings, the Magislimes. Also know as The Living Tribunal and the Magislimes. Whomever all the creation viewed TOAA as the supreme being and even The Living Tribunal forgot Magikarp. His sons, The Magislimes were ruthless destroyed by battle-hungry teenagers.Magikarp then grewed ruthless and started destroying the Omniverse with his newest son, Gayados The Hydra. TOAA then trying to save The Omniverse created The Hearth of Universe, which would negate The Karp powers. Magikarp was then defeated, and his son killed. The heads of his son gave birth to the Gayarados species.
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No one? Ok my vote goes to Magikarp.