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The Vampire hunter vs the Witch hunter!

Gabriel Helsing (Van Helsing):


Hansel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters):

Round 1:

  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Standard Gear
  • Random Encounter
  • Pre-Werewolf Gabriel
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap

Round 2:

  • Morals On
  • 2 Days prep with access to their weird-a$$ weapons
  • No BFR
  • Pre-Werewolf Gabriel
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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Gabriel nor Hansel have morals, so to speak, as neither were against killing something. It's part of their character. And, they also used prep against the creatures they battled, so it's difficult to say whether who would win in a no prep fight. In the long run, Gabriel seems more fitting to win both rounds. More experience, I'd say.

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1. I think Hansel. He seemed superhuman to me were as Gabriel was peak at best. I remember Hansel dodging an arrow when it was about an inch away from hitting him and getting thrown through a brick wall without any damage at all. Hansel also got hit in the face with a spade and was completely fine by a Witch who were punching through tree's in the movie.

2. I can't say. They both had some absurd weapons. Hansel seemed to have more firepower. He had a freaking mini-gun at one point but Gabriel is definitely better funded due to his connection to the Vatican. If Gabe has access to guns then he should win but if he sticks with crossbows and such he's gonna get mown down by Hans.