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Captain Cold

  1. Morals are on
  2. Captain cold is pre flashpoint, Gaara is current
  3. Win by any means except BFR
  4. Standard gear
  5. Fight takes place here:

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Sand Burial

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captain cold slows downs gaaras speed to the point where it dosent even looks like hes moving then freezes him then has gaaracicles for dessert

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I could see new 52 Captain Cold taking this but pre-52 Cold will drown in sand.

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Cold Field will negate Sand Burial moving.

Also Cold shooting is too fast for Gaara to see.

Cold Stomps.

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Unless Gaara sinks him way, way ubderfeound.immedietly, Captain Cold could be a problem. Gaara would never expect a cryokinetic who can hit absolute zero.

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Hmm, looks like young gaara, so mostly he has the tail beast. So the tail beast takes over and fires a tail beast ball and end them.

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Let's add some stuff about gaara here:

First, Gaara's ultimate shield, it protects him even when he isn't paying attention, and able to activate in time to face point-blank explosions even as a child:

From Gaara's flashback:

The missing part of Current gaara's sand shield crosses 100+ m to block him in time for explosion:

The missing part was used to attack deidara at the time, as it's faster than his average sand..

Other than that, he can use huge amounts of sand, and make more from the ground (this could help greatly, a genin gaara was near kakashi when it came to silent sneaking, and he can use replacements that are nearly indistinguishable nigh-instantly:

Fight against lee, replacement in a moment:

Sneaking behind sasuke easily, kakashi level of sneakiness. Impressive as he's a genin at that time.
Creating sand effortlessly from the ground.

It isn't just about sand, he can use high density minerals from the ground to increase his defenses:

To the point even kimimaro's strongest attack couldn't pierce the shield one one one.

Now, current gaara is casually above small city levels:

From the start of shippuden..

You can clearly see the sand village below the two of them, amount of sand is much larger than that..

See that little line dropping from the huge sand ball? That's deidara barely escaping it..

Shield durability:

He also tanks deidara's town busting bomb with his shield to protect the village:

Notable thing is, The shield appears right at the moment detonation, it isn't even there before it, again, activating in an instant with town+ durability.. And before someone goes hyperbole about the town bust, the fight clearly is city level already, and deidara's next (final) level shown multitown++ destruction, larger than three cities, actually. I can post the scan if needed.. so it isn't a hyperbole

As for speed, it's fast enough to keep up with raikage:

Raikage's far above mach speeders, if someone thinks bullets are a problem:

Again, the sand comes in before raikage hits sasuke..

He also makes another giant tsunami in the kage fight, supports the lightened giant meteor of madara, Blocked sasuke's amaterasu which activates as soon as you see a target etc.

Now, I don't recall a lot about pre-flash point cold, but I heard he's even stronger in new 52, and his freezing was block++ at best (three large boats were lifted in the air and good amount of surrounding area was frozen. For those who seem to think he kept up with flash and blocked his punch, flash was literally holding back at the time, because he was warned that his using speedforce was causing troubles in time (He had kind of let an emp blow the city's lights and caused wormholes so he was scared to go too fast. He even had a meter installed to regulate his speed), so it isn't much of a feat.

From what I've seen of both, current gaara should be able to handle him..