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Normal Rules, in Hobbiton (Shire) Fighting for the One Ring

Round 1 Books

Round 2 Films

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Gonna go with Bilbo. He seemed able to hold his own a lot better whereas Frodo always needed help. Bilbo took on that Goblin and basically won even though he had no prior experience with weapons.

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It'll probalby end up just like Smeagol and his brother.

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Frodo wins.

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By the time Frodo was living, and the time LOTR took place, Biblo was old and feeble, so i would give it to Frodo.

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Bilbo in the book and the movie, he did a lot more fighting.

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Frodo both rounds.

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Frodo wasn't a fighter.

Bilbo was:

  1. A Thief
  2. A Trickster
  3. A Killer
  4. A Writer
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Frodo should tale both.

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To be fair the ring took more of a toll on frodo than it did on bilbo. Frodo never got to use it much.

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While Bilbo started off quite cowardly and gentle, he became very brave and managed to slay a Warg rider when he protected Thorin, Frodo was a weak and showed no combat skill, i dont know if he even killled anything, Bilbo has the stones for this fight so he takes it!

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Bilbo would beat his nephew.

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Bilbo stomps! Frodo never ever fought and to the people saying about Bilbo being old, it specifically states HOBBIT BILBO!

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Frodo is a better character but he wouldn't win a fight

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Bilbo pwn'd a bunch of spiders all on his own, like no big deal. Frodo did.. oh wait... wait.. one sec... oh right, nothing.

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Frodo is a baby.

Bilbo murdered all those spiders & pick-pocketed the trolls.

Frodo would've wet his pants if he just looked at the spiders.

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@The_Thunderer said:

Normal Rules, in Hobbiton (Shire) Fighting for the One Ring

Round 1 Books <- laughs; bilbo is currently writing his book,

Round 2 Films <- laughs

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Bilbo both

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Bilbo stomps.

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Bilbo is more the adventurer type than frodo.. He is experienced, and probably a bit more toughened up. Not to mention Bilbo had loads of journeys to write about.Frodo had only one (But maybe more epic). Only thing frodo has over bilbo is that he resisted the ring far better than Bilbo. But that's not going to help him in a battle.. Bilbo both rounds. movie maybe a closer fight..

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Frodo didnt defeat anything, and i mean anything, he was weak and his only purpose was to carry the ring, watch the films he did litreally nothing.

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In their prime?


Frodo pretty much gets trounced throughout the books, in fact, I would argue he has next to zero combat feats other than tanking hits with his mithril chainmail, and getting stomped on by Shelob while Sam saves his sorry but. I think Sam would be a better fight for Bilbo.

Whereas Bilbo was actually thrown into combat and learned to use his weapon. However, he did get clunked in the head during the biggest battle of the book.

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