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Situation: A giant game of freeze tag.

Your powers: Speed force-Allows you to keep accelerating while you run indefinitely. It also protects you body from the speed effects that would harm you otherwise. You accelerate at normal human speeds, gradually getting faster and faster. Your reflexes remain normal, If you hit a tree you will be etiiher badly injured or dead.

Objective: Survive 1 day until 12 midnight. If your frozen by being tagged AT 12 midnight you lose. You literally won't be able to move if my OC's team tags you. Remember that if all your team is frozen you will automatically lose. However team members can unfreeze teammates by tagging them. Chances are your team will get eaten if they are all frozen anyway.

Your team: Mr Freeze (movie version), Spiderman (movie version) Cyclops (movie version) and YOU with the powers provide above.

My Team

My OC Claire: Powers-Can fall in any direction, but must stop midair to change directions. Bullets and knives bounce off her but she is not invulnerable. She has 10 ton lifting strength, and can hit with the same amount of force.

Ironman: From "Ironman" movie. He is not allowed to use his repulsors though. Nor his other weapons.

You can use ANY means necessary to win.

You a start 100 yards away from my OC and Ironman standing on a grassy field.