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- Round 1 is in dream world and round 2 is in Asgard

- Morals off, no prep for Loki

- Who wins and why?

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Loki should win both rounds. I'd say his magic is far superior to anything Freddy can dish out.

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Round 1. Freddy wins. easily.

Round 2. Loki

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Freddy Krueger is stronger in dreams, in real-life he's weak. I think Loki can win both rounds, Freddy frequently struggled when taking on a group of teenagers in their dreams; Loki is obviously a stronger force than a group of teenagers.

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Dreamworld Freddy would win IMO. Doubt that Loki has spells, that could help him. Even if he does, how would he conjure them? However, would being killed in his dreams work on Loki? Of course we see regular humans being killed in real life when killed by Freddy in their dreams. However, Loki is a Asgardian which means they are by many means stronger, and more durable than a normal human. 
As for in real life, in Asgard Loki wins in a stomp. Freddy has no power there, and would get his teeth kicked in by the Norse god of mischief. The only scene where he had in power in real life that I can remember, is when he was in possession of the Necronomicon.  

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Freddy easily wins round 1. Loki easily wins round 2.

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@logy5000 said:

Freddy easily wins round 1. Loki easily wins round 2.

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Round 1: Could go either way

Round 2: Loki stomps

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Freddy loses both rounds. The strongest people he has beaten have been a bunch of kids. He's NEVER faced someone with power or magical ability like Loki. To say nothing of the sizable, sizable gap in intelligence and cunning between the two. He'd be a minor demon at best in the MU. Loki puts Freddy's soul in a small jar and puts it on a shelf somewhere.

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I think the "dream world" can qualify as being apart of the astral plane, and any adept magic user can at least defend themselves there. Loki just so happens to be extremely proficient in magic.

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Локи побеђује обе рунде ,нити ће му Фреди бити страшан као клинцима нити је Фреди моћнији од њега .

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Loki stomps both round without even trying lol

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Loki, both rounds.