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Hand to hand only. Fight takes place in a boxing ring. Flash has his legs (the original ones) and no symbiote (as in depowered). Win by KO or submission. Both are wearing boxing trunks.

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Frank stomps

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Frank obliterates Flash.

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I feel you're underestimating Flash, he kept up with Valkyrie, who's an Asgardian warrior with metahuman stats for a good amount of time (that's his only h2h feat I remember though, lol).

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Flash should theoretically win, he bested Valkyrie in sparring and out H2H's any of his enemies in terms of skill. But...none of Flash's opponents (other than Valkyrie) really have proven hand to hand chops. With that being his only feat, Frank probably wins. My gut says Flash, but my brain says Frank 6-7/10.

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Frank's done well against Daredevil, physically killed a bull, has utilized nerve strikes, gone up against Kraven's metahuman son, he's been thrown through a wall by Anti-Venom and got up fine etc.

He stomps.

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Besides the fact that he's much more skilled, Frank's pain tolerance is ridiculous. Not much Flash can do to wear him down even if Frank just stands there and takes hits for a bit. Frank has much higher stats as well. Punisher 10/10.

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@laflux: @dondave: Punisher wins due to pain resistance but your underestimating Flahs by ALOT. He's keeping up with Valkery an asgardian warrior, trained by SHEILD, professional boxer, years of being in the marines and training and experience as a fighter. He's had his neck bitten by Cletus Kassady and still fought on. Punisher wins but Flash is no joke just sayin lol

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Punisher wins but flash makes him work for it

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Frank is vastly more skilled. He should win with ease.