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There is a 5 second warning bell, and then a fight bell. Which side prevails?

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Wait what is this and who are those guys?

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I actually think Flash, Zoom, Majestic, Martian Manhunter can win here... the Speedsters can attack before a lot of the other guys can get off any type of attack.

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Nobody here has the speed to keep up with Zoom or Wally. Team 1.

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@calebhara: Speed means nothing here. Ambrose chase can make it so that he and his team are as fast as they need to be. Or slow Wally and Zoom down to a crawl. Ambrose Chase cannot be defeat physically and Twighlight has already proven Superior to Flash.

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@amazonia_kryptonia: I'm not sure you grasp the concept of how fast these two are. They could literally solo your entire team before Ambrose can process a single thought in her head.

Then you have martian Manhunter, who can mindrape Ambrose before she can do anything at all.

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Well Gloria Mundi looks like she has no feats or anything. So she's basically out of this.

Ambrose Chase

Can make himself immovable? We'll lets just let him stand there and let Flash run right through him disrupting his molecules. I don't think that changing velocity thing would work on Flash nor Zoom. Flash has the speed force backing him up on the motion of movement he puts out and I don't think it would work on zoom since speed steal doesn't work on him.

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@amazonia_kryptonia: Speed is always a factor. You are horribly misinformed if you believe otherwise, especially when we are talking about The Flash, who at his fastest can move faster than thoughts are processed and through a solid object with the speed to disrupt and destroy it.

No, I do not see any one on team two winning this without prep and starting before team one gets to do anything which would make it a very pointless battle.

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Alright I saw your're post. but everyone up top is also saying Team 1.... It doesn't even seem like I have to know about them because most of them seem featless except for this guy Chase.

And to also correct you about Chase powers and that working on Flash. He can not change the movement of Flash since Flash has the speed force, supplying him with enough energy to speed up, that's the only reason he runs as fast as he does. While Zoom can't have his speed changed too. Flash can also speed up his whole teams movements and thought process.

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Team 1 wins. Majestic, Zoom and Flash are the key players.