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Question if the flash thank so fast can proffesor read his mind or anything mind related?

No prep

Random encounter

fight takes place in the street

the flash is running straight towards him

who wins?

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I believe that Flash was once mentally assaulted by Martian Manhunter to get him to fight Green Lantern, after an incident like that he's focused on preventing such a thing from happening again.

In the end I think Flash's mind is moving too quickly for Professor X to do anything to him.

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no one else?

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no one else?

He can speed up his mind so telepath's cant read it or just move faster than they can think

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Probably not, Flash's mind doesn't go fast all the time. His mind just goes with the speed.

But why does that matter? Flash could smack PX with a baseball bat before PX could get his mind linked.

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Baldie gets owned before even thinking of mindraping Flash.

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professor x could upgrade his wheelchair with a warp drive and dodge the baseball bat

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@bingothemotherload: Hey now, nobody said anything about prep. They are put on the street, scenario is explained. The countdown starts and flash already puts everything to super slow motion. Once the countdown hits 0 PX is dead.