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The God of Thunder, Alyssabird's Champion


The Flash: Wally West, Esquire's Challenger


  • Wally West is unarmed.
  • Pre-Flashpoint, Post-Crisis-on-Infinite-Earths feats are valid for Wally.
  • Thor has Odin Force, Belt of Strength, and Mjolnir.
  • All non-retconned feats performed by Thor himself are valid, except for those performed when he was King Thor or Rune King Thor.
  • Thor can use any Odin Force abilities that he's shown or strongly indicated he is capable of using. He cannot use all of Odin's feats, since Odin has demonstrated more skill with the Odin Force than Thor has.
  • In Character, strategy-wise.
  • Morals On.
  • Random Encounter.
  • No Prep.
  • Basic Knowledge.
  • Win by Death, KO, or Incapacitation.
  • No BFR.
  • Fight takes place in an unpopulated Endless New York next to an Endless Ocean.

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Due to unfortunate circumstances, both previous attempts at this thread have been derailed. I would request that, to spare Alyssabird's sensitivities regarding being taken seriously, my fellow Viners avoid any shenanigans in this thread. Shenanigans are welcome in the old thread, since Ms. Bird has no intention of continuing the debate due to lack of serious tone. So if you have any shenanigans planned, I ask that you direct them here. This thread, however, is a serious place for a serious debate. I'll open, as I did before, with Flash's enhanced perceptions and reaction speeds, along with his ability to apply them in combat.

@Alyssabird: Wally's biggest advantage in a fight against Thor is his speed. The Flash is so fast that he can amp his perceptions to a point where the world seems to stand still.

This will give him ample time to make whatever moves he wants before Thor has a chance to even begin reacting. Since both combatants have basic knowledge of their opponents, West will know Thor has massive durability, so Flash won't feel the need to pull his punches. Wally has no qualms about unleashing a burst of super-speed strikes, even against characters of lower durability than Thor. So he'll be perfectly willing to blitz Thor and hit the God of Thunder a few dozen times.

And he can hit far harder than he hit Deathstroke here. Since he knows how powerful Thor is, Wally will accordingly hit him much harder. He has the strategic intelligence to make his attack equal to his opponent's durability, and he's willing to hit hard if he thinks it's necessary. I can reference instances of him doing so, but I'll stop here and let Alyssabird make her response.

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