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Pretty self explanatory.

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Well to be honest i only saw the first half of the movie with UMB in it BUT FW Goji was a super beast with awesome fighting skill and durability and insane power. I think he would trash UMB.

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Ultraman Belial wins.

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Godzilla would beat Ultraman in most cases, but I honestly have no idea what Ultraman Belial is capable of. FW Godzilla is an absolute beast, definitely earnign the "King of the Monsters" title. Even if Godzilla loses this (not saying he does, again I don't know anything about Belial) he takes this Ultraman to the limit.

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Isn't Ultraman Belial going to kill the Godzilla and RULE THE WORLD so that Godzilla will be DOOMED?!!!

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I like both but godzilla would fuck him up but however if ultraman belial turns into arch beilal which is even bigger and stronger than galactus then he would win but he couldn't permently kill godzilla as he will keep coming back and eventually win

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Ultraman Belial looks scary and it also depends on which G. So no idea.