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lol wut, is this serious?

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Aizen. Way to many feats for Captain America to go up against.

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Captain America dies horribly.

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And just what makes you think Steve has the slightest chance against even Aizen when he was a lieutenant, much less one several forms higher?

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Does Cap get his Shield? Cause if he doesn't, he'll have to write who gets it in his will.

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LMFAO. So one-sided! XD

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I'd expect this from new guy, but not from a person who doubles my post count, this is just pure spite.

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what the fu.....

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You must really hate Captain America. @god_spawn can you lock this?Thank you.

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Ok, so maybe I wanted to use Aizen in a battle & then picked a random Avenger for him to face.

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Yeeaaaah.....let's research characters or make sure a fight is a good one before posting. I can understand the occasional oops mismatch. Anyone with basic knowledge on either characters can figure this out.

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