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which battles ends victory or lose





Winter Soldier





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I have no idea what you mean. Do you mean which one would win out of the entire bunch?

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: i mean which battles bane lose which battle he will win

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i say all except daken and dman

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Loses to Sabretooth, Daken and D Man

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@ruler: Okay thanks for clearing that up for me.

I'd say Bane loses at :

  • Daken
  • Sabretooth
  • D-Man
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With prep he could probably give any of them a fair amount of trouble but in a random encounter he and Kingpin would be a decent fight with venom bane may edge him out although kingpin has held spiderman back in hand to hand so ill give it 6/10 for bane with venom. Daken and Sabes both wreck him. I dont know enough about us agent but Winter Soldier should take him even with venom. Bane beats crossbones. Moonknight would be close because of his armour but what the heck if bane is comparable to Bats in skill and is on venom than i think he could take it in another 6/10. I dont know anything about Dman or Nighthawk sorrry.