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The Boys #45
Art by Michael Turner

The Boys have the Frenchman and Female watching Spider-Woman due to them investigating the Avengers. Frenchman goes out for some coffee leaving the female in a van they been sitting in spying on her. Spider-Woman realizes she is being watched and confronts the female to see what they are doing. The female hasn't killed any supes, mobsters, civilians, or committed any acts of violence in over three months and the urge to kill is taking over when Spider-Woman confronts her. Jessica looking at the female thinks something is wrong with her and touches her seeing if she is alright...as soon as she touches her the fight begins.

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I would say this is stacked in the Females favor. Spider-Woman might have a chance with her agility, and long distance projection abilities and powers and if she was weary of the Female's aggressiveness, ruthlessness and brutality but such a close distance and ignorant of the Female and well yes I think Female should win. Characters like Stormfront don't necessarily have the same feats as the characters that they are parodying, but I think its fair to say that a character like Stormfront should be objectively more powerful than Spider-Woman and even though Stormfront almost killed The Female, her record against him and other characters I think gives her props.

I say Jessica has a chance if Female doesn't land a good hit at that beginning and if Jessica can put distance between the two.

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I agree with above. The Female is ferocious and the scenario depicted is all in her favour - Jessica reaching out to touch her has her close enough for the Female to tear her to shreds (I mean this literally -- not along the lines of a stomp). If Jessica can get out of the way quick enough - which to me is what's needed for her to have a chance here - then she might have a chance. But I really don't think she can, based on the Female's power-set.

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@sc: how strong is the female? isnt she the strongest of the crew?

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@hyperlight said:

@sc: how strong is the female? isnt she the strongest of the crew?

Yes, she is considered the muscle of the Boys alongside the Frenchman, but usually she is the one that is shown to do the most damage. She did well against Stormfront by herself where it took Butcher, Frenchman, Mothers Milk and Vas to put him down, she can rip the ends of shotguns off with her teeth, she has ripped apart helicopters in air and ripped apart Tek Knights armor (Tek Knight being a parody version of Iron Man) she is pretty strong.

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@sc: so is it safe to say that the boys are all between the 5 and 10 ton mark? or a lot stronger?