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team 1

scarebeast + yellow lantern scarecrow + mr fear


team 2

captain america + daredevil + batman

team 2 get 2 weeks prep and full knowledge of opponents and team 1 get 1 day prep but don't know who they are against

no extra gear other than standard

fight in forest

morals on but team 2 will kill if neccessary

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Team one easily.

Despite Sacrebeast and Sacrecrow being the same person,I believe they are spilted here... Scarecrow is an excellent geneticist and chemistry,he not only creates toxins of fear, but creates various types of chemical weapons can affect anyone...with one day to prep and using Scarebeast chemistry and Mr. Fear assistant,they would create the ultimate fear gas....

Scarecrow with a yellow ring,this gives him the ability to do the same as a Green Lantern can do,became invisible,create force fields,enrgy duplicates,but the most dangerou is scan a person and create constructs with their fears,the user an amplify the fear to the point of irrationality and true horror on the part of victim and conversely empowering the ring wielder,and also create ring duplicates with same capabilities.

Scarebeast is Scarecrow with powers,he has super strength,speed,stamina,senses,healing factor,durability and also the ability to release the most powerful Fear Toxin from all over his body,Batman had clogged the antidote, ointment and filters to not be contaminated by the creature, but it's all in vain and he used the Batmobile to escape, crossed the entire city to get to the cave and the creature followed by smell and within minutes,was already at the mansion. Bruce used an armor,the Batwing and tranquilizers to take him down. He's capable to whistand tasers,swords,machine guns,pistols,handguns fire,Batman toss a grenade down in the monster's gullet and he's still able to fight. He's so strong that destroyed many concrete houses as if they were nothing, ripped people like paper and in his last appearance he was trapped in a train,logically freed himself destroyed the carriage and made the train derail.

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Team 1,the men without fear gets fear instilled in them after this.