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1. Shaman Nate Grey 2. Thanos 3. Galactus 4. Wolverine (berserker) 5. Franklin Richards (adult) 6. Odin 7. Dr. Doom 8. Magneto Not really a gauntlet, nor are they in a particular order, but which of these characters would and would not be able to resist misdirection and more importantly why? They cannot attack Fantomex, merely use their powers and skills in an attempt to beat his misdirection.

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Stop at 1..wait stop at 1? he does not even begin

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Franklin Richards as an adult...is one of the 3 most powerful beings I would imagine. He has cosmic level power creating pocket demsions and time manipulation and such. I believe he could not be misdierected because he survived direct attacks from celestials and attempts to mind control him if i remeber. this was adult Franklin.

He is just on another level. Same with Galactus they just cannot be manipulated or tricked by a Fantomex level character. Everyone else on the list has a chance to be misdirected atleast for a time.

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ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) y u no read up on Fantomex.

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That is why Fantomex has one of the most bs abilities in all of comics. There is no one it does not work on. Works on Telepaths and Even God Tier Reality Warpers. Such BS, what other ability works on guys that are so far out of your weight class its not even funny? Well I can think of one thing the Loeb Force.