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Seeing how this is before they meet I'm assuming that mean they are al still new to their powers right? If that's true. I say the Spidy and venom team wins.

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VS ((the set-up))

This is before Fantastic Four and Spiderman ever meant.

The whole city hated spiderman and thought of him as a criminal because of the Daily Bugle.

Torch: You know we should catch this criminal to get some good press and make millions.

Reed: You know we could use some preess plus according to the bugle hes already robbed three banks.

So the FFset out to catch this spiderman.

Spider man was on his own case though he and his long time rival venom were hunting the new symbiote known as carnage when all of a sudden a car came hurtling after him they just barely escaped.

Ben you and sue take care of the black one me jhonny are going after spidey.

Venom and spidey