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Fight takes place in the streets of New York

Morals on for the Fantastic Four but they are not holding back

Who Wins?

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Hulk smash. I'd give a reason but I can't figure out how to do the spoiler thingy.

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Thunder–clap for the win!


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The guy who went toe-to-toe with Thor wins.

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Team finds ultimate nullifier ................. or johnny goes nova..........

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Hulk wins with slight ease.
Susan and Ben could be a problem...well mostly Susie...lol 
I remember she threatened to expand a bubble in Victor's body, though she never acted on it,she still probably has the ability to pull it off,or else she wouldn't have said it with so much confidence.

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thing is fodder in this fight but the other 3 could not take him

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Sue can also just bubble his head and suffocate him into submission, but then again Hulk can hold his breath for a damn long time.

The not-so jolly green giant wins 10/10.

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The movie version of Hulk wins in my opinion.