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Everybody vs everybody last one standing, who would win and why

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Invisible woman is the most powerful of the Four. She can contain all of them in invisible bubbles and win.
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she cant do that for a long time she gets tired fast and human torch could probly beat her

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She can do it for a while and she could definitely do it for long enough to win. Fantastic and Thing trapped in bubbles wouldn't put up much of a fight and the Human Torch can't even try to burn his way out since he'd use up all his oxygen in the attempt.

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Not sure, but if he tried, IW could always just smack him with invisible objects while he's inside the bubble until he's knocked out. Plus, she can throw up a shield over herself that can protect her from HT. And this is just the non-lethal approach to the battle. This is something she'd do, contain them, even if they were trying to kill her for real.
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Can the human torch control/make fire outside of the bubble assumming he is in one

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I agree, Invisible Woman can take them all. Plus, if it gets out of hands, she can make little force bubbles inside their heads and then make them expand. Which is deadly.

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Invisible Woman hands down

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In that case I say Storm!

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SoundWave07 says:

"In that case I say Storm!"

Wow. No.

Definitely IW.

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hulk or ghost rider

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The thing is stronger than them all im sure