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a bit of a B match, but i love falcon even if nobody else does, how would he fare against avalanche? both not holding back, atop a mountain, a day prep time, start 50ft apart. no morals

Round 1

hand to hand only

Round 2

no rules

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Round 1 - Falcon would beat the living hell out of Dominic.

Round 2 - Falcon for the win here too. Avalanche is more effective against grounded opponents. Falcon is a fast and agile flyer, so I can see him evading attacks long enough to get inclose to KO Avalanche at melee range. Or summon birds to attack and distract Avalanche and then close in for the upclose beating.

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yeah, i was thinking, falcon can't really fly though can he? otherwise it would be unfair, i thought he could only glide.

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Falcon wins both rounds.

Round 1 because he is a better fighter.

Round 2 because he is a flyer.