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Hand to hand ( but they can use anything they find in the park). No prep. Ezio, Jason Born and nightwing in their most powerful. location in a park Nightwing has only his suit and non of his gadgets. Ezio has his hidden blade, nightwin has one of his metal sticks (but the electricity does not work) and Jason has a knife. Nightwing has just recoverd from a broken leg and he is not at his best

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Nightwing then Bourne. Ezio is last.

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Nightwing is a better athlete than Ezio. Ezio relies on his daggers and things to do any real damage (I don't remember his punch except in something like a counter, etc) and relies heavily on surprise (assassinations, lol). Never watched the Bourne movies, but I figure he's roughly an Olympic-level athlete, best the US government can dish out, etc.

So roughly,