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Alright folks, the setting is fairly neutral, random planet with nothing but natural landscape.  There can be only one victor, but who?

TEAM ONE: Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Earth 3)

- Ultraman
- Superwoman
- Johnny Quick
- Power Ring
- Owlman

TEAM TWO:  Injustice League (Post-Crisis)

- Bizarro
- Circe
- Zoom (Hunter Zoloman)

- Sinestro
- Joker

Mirror heroes vs. Foil heroes.  Which teams takes home the gold and why?
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Team two?

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Everyone loses.

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Team two will win but a good fight though.

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I think Team 2 will win since they have Zoom
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Vance Astro said:
"Everyone loses."
Like Alien vs. Predator or Freddy vs. Jason?

"No matter who wins, we lose."
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Team two

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I seem to recall the IL having at least a FEW victories throughout the years as opposed to the CSA, so logistically it makes sense to side with them as victors.  Not to mention that the CSA (In most portrayals) appears to be more reckless than their counterparts, whereas the IL has proved to be more collective and tactical in their approach to combat.

Still, I wouldn't count out the CSA just yet...

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Zoom isn't part of the Injustice League.  He just appeared on that cover.

Team Two wins. Ultraman can beat Bizarro barely. Circe vs Superwoman is a decent fight.  Owlman by all rights should beat Joker but Joker gets lucky a lot.

On the other hand, Sinestro is quite a bit better than Power Ring and Johnny Quick is one of the weakest DC speedsters compared to Zoom who is the best.  I mean, Owlman beats the living hell out of Quick.  Zoom will just do it faster and then help the rest of his team clean up.