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Location: Grassy Plains

Time: Midnight

Weather: 37 Degrees

Stipulation: Shiva was at first fighting regular Ryu and she had the upper hand on Ryu,

Ryu was getting somewhat frustrated he wasn't landing hits on Shiva and kept hearing Akuma's voice in his head calling him weak and

telling him to unleash his power. Ryu tried his hardest not to until he couldn't control Satsui No Hado and turned into Evil Ryu. A new bout began between the two. Who wins?

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Evil Ryu b&^%hslaps Shiva, and sends her to hell with Shun Goku Satsu.

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I'll go with evil ryu as well. It's not really a good idea to face him..

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With prep Batman should take this

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Don't know enough about Shiva to comment, though I really want to see an argument for her...

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Shiva gets sent into the sky

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Shiva couldn't even take Ryu, why add Evil Ryu??

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ryu stomps

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Evil Ryu stomps her into the ground.

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Evil Ryu