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Fight takes place in a really big and scary forest. The fighters are standing 50 feet away from each other. Fight ends with KO or death (Lobo can die). No prep. No morals. No BFR. Both have standard equipment. Who wins?



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It's a very intense fight, for sure! This is probably one of if not the closest brawl I've ever seen.

It's probably around 50/50, maybe a slight edge to Lobo if Alan Grant is writing it.

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'The Demon' encounters 'The Main Man',

Violence rages 'cross the land.

Immortal beings -- perpetual war,

Master Fragger battles magic and lore.

One is lost -- the other, damned.

Who shall win? Lord Etrigan.

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They end up finding a tavern and getting drunk together after burning the forest to the ground.

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etrigan wins

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@Outside_85 said:
They end up finding a tavern and getting drunk together after burning the forest to the ground.
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tough battle... Etrigan has the Better Wide Range attack with his Hellfire Blasts... but Lobo will not stop... and a Slugfest between these two suckas would probably never end. 
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Going with Lobo just barely and after about 2 years of fighting. He's got the personality that if he wants a fight, he'll keep at it, and he's got the durability to keep it up until he's on top.

Really great pic of Etrigan though.

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I have to go with the rhyming demon...he is just so freakin nuts...

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Awesome fight!!! I honestly see them as even, so it could go either way.


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Etrigan wins, but Lobo would stretch the battle out for days before going down.

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Lobo .. but literally after months or years of battle .. he would somehow get the upper hand. But to be fair ... just flip a coin this is 50/50 battle, I'm just going w/ lobo. I mean crap they fought non stop through like 8 editions or some crap ... they are even steven even though they have way different power sets.

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The Main Man!

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They both decide to go get drunk and then proceed to kill everything around them. Make this comic DC!

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They almost did. Jason and the Phantom Stranger thwarted it though.

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Well, this is one of those"we cannot tell, all depends on the plot"

I'd say lobo after a few years, but it's alot like 50/50

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yea there even i say its a tie

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Etrigan has more and better abilities.

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Etrigan doesn't have "better" abilities. They're definitely on the same level.

Pretty sure they faced eachother, and they both were keeping on par. I see them battling till the end of time, just slugging away at eachother.

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