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Each is equipped with 1 pistol w/ 10 bullets, 1 knife, and basic knowledge of the other. Starting on opposite sides of a factory building.

Who wins?

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No one?

I'll say I think Ethan wins this in a tough fight.

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@willpayton: Wrong borne wins he has shown better skills even tho Hunt has more movies.

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I think Bourne is just more deadly and efficient in close quarters, and I do think the fight will end up in close quarters. Bourne is a pretty good shot though. I haven't really seen the MI series in ages so I can't really remember, but I'm happy with Bourne winning.

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Ethan has some really nice feats including his ability to shoot people under extreme situations...

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I really think Bourne takes this.

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Although Ethan may be a better shot than Bourne, Bourne is no stranger to avoid gunfire of any sort. Here he avoids automatic fire, fired on him by surprise.

Even from a distance, Bourne has a sixth sent for covering his position and closing the gap.

With that said, Bourne isn't a slouch in shooting either.

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Borne kills em with a news paper/

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borne wins in close quarters fight