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  • In character unless otherwise specified
  • Win by Death, KO, BFR, or Incapacitation
  • Team Chemistry does come into play
  • No Prep unless otherwise specified
  • All DC Characters are Pre-52
  • All Marvel Characters are Current unless specified otherwise
  • Original_Human_Torch starts at the Red A, Nickthedevil starts at the Green B
  • Teams begin 1.5 miles apart
  • You may not enter buildings

Team Original_Human_Torch:

Boba Fett (standard equipment/11 pts.)

Sabretooth (616/Adamantium/10 pts.)

Sabretooth (Ultimate/Adamantium/8 pts.)


*Cooperation & Teamwork/1pt.*

Team Nickthedevil:

Bucky Barnes



616 Captain America


immunity to pheramones and gas,

45 minute prep.

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The Sabretooth duo steam rolls the "heroes", while Boba Fett drops light ordinance from the safety of the sky, including Thermal Detonators.


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Guess my original post stands. I win?


; )

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Poor Still too busy to debate tourneys anymore :)

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Alright, Duty aside, I've been pretty busy. Not to mention the difficulty of composing an arguement on this crappy computer, it's going to be an uphill battle to argue. Lucky me though, the opposing post was... less than adequate. At first look, it almost seems one sided. But it's far from it. Batman, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and Dick each have been up against tougher fighters. My own team dominates the opposing in numbers, skill, variety, and tactical strategy. Another edge is the prep, while we have Captain America and Batman on the same team, both of which that have their respective former sidekicks. Lets also assess the scene. A perfectly familiar place for my team. tehy stick to the rooftops, and have an easier way of getting to and fro.Bucky can easily provide defence for my team while Captain America, Batman, and Nightwing put down the two sabretooths. Captain America has fought and beaten Wolverine to a standstill, while Nightwing and Batman have destroyed an Amazo containing the entire Justice League's power set (minus Green lantern, Wonder Woman, and Plastic Man). In the end, one Sabretooth isn't a match for the dynamic duo, and neither is a Sabretooth getting past Captain America. At the worst case scenario (worst from my POV), Captain America can stalemate Sabretooth until Nightwing and batman put down one Sabretooth. Bucky can't take down Boba, but he can sure as hell keep him busy too. the vibranium shield will help indefinitely. All in all, the entire strategy is based upon the speedy and inevitable defeat of one sabretooth to the Gothamites.

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@nickthedevil: @Original_Human_Torch:

Pics for Nick:

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Open for Voting!

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Original Human Torch

This is horrible but despite actually putting some effort in his post Nick mentions that he cannot take down Fett or at least makes no effort to say how he can take him down.

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my vote goes to NicktheDevil. Lets be real, this wasnt really a battle. This was more like a slap in the face. Nick did however state the prep, he has numbers, and the fact that though late in explanation, he explained more then Sabertooths rip stuff up and Boba drops bombs. NicktheDevil. final answer

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I have to give the edge to nickthedevil. Original Human Torch didn't put up an argument or a well-thought out strategy. At all. Very lazy to be brutally honest. Which sucks cause he had my main man Boba the Fett!  Just about any individual on nick's team could give anybody on Human Torch's team a run for there money, with a few exceptions. Add that to the fact that nick has the advantage in numbers, prep, and a kickass team that would undoubtedly have great teamwork, and I have to give the win to nick.

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I give it to nickthedevil, he actually put up an argument...

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nickthedevil is in the Navy and he put a better argument than Original_Human_Torch. In terms of the debate itself, nick stomped.

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@nickthedevil: It will get better. On a ship? One day you will get the money for a lap top to use for Wifi Spots or if your real lucky a dry dock period lol.

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Haha, no not on a Ship. Not yet, at least. You were in the military too, I'm guessing, right? With a name like Cadence and all :)