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-Both are bloodlusted, no morals

-Fight takes place during midnight

-Location is a forest

-Both know that their opponent is a vampire, other than that, no prep

-Win by true death or incapacitation

-Start off 15 feet apart.

-Eric has a white oak stake

-Elijah has a regular stake

EDIT: To Make things more fair, Glamour/ Compulsion are turned OFF

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As much as I love true blood. Elijah takes this one as he's an original and therefore can glamour northman into killing himself.

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@SupermanWins465: Hmpf, you're right, didn't think of that, what if I made Glamour/Compulsion illegal?
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@sharingan_eyes: Then I'd still say eric takes a loss. The only way to kill an original was with white oak ash.. something the true blood verse doesn't have. 
So unless eric had that, he can't win.
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Well, to address the above comment, the OP says death OR incapacitation, granted you can only KILL an original with a White Oak Stake, however, regular stakes will incapacitate them for at least 30 minutes. HOWEVER, I'm giving this to Elijah as well, He's shown to be strong enough to shatter windows simply by flicking pebbles, and could take down the werewolves holding Damon with ease. He was also shown to be easily able to to break steel chains.  
Eric, if my knowledge is correct, has only been shown to take down humans and weaker/younger vampires, not counting Russel who he snuck up behind and staked. I've yet to see any truly impressive feats from him against big enemies. 

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battle of the CLEF CHINS!

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elijah stomps

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Elijah wins, he has better combat feats than Eric imo.

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Good match, but Elijah takes it.