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They both hate the rabbit

they both want the rabbit

now its time for them to throw down and see who would win

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Yosemite Sam. He has two guns while Fudd only has one, plus Sam has more anger.

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Well anger leads to missing more often, but Sam seems a bit smarter... so yeah, I'll give him the edge as well.

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Finally, a battle of truly epic proportions! Sam wins, he's a little mustached god of death.

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this is how it happens. fudd is sneaking through the forest sayin' "shhh! be vewy vewy qwiet. im hunting bunny wa..." and sam come bustin out and BLAM! to quote the words of iori, "Sam wins, he's a little mustached god of death"!

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I'd give it tp Yosemite. Who do you think is the father of the Son of Sam?

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I agree sam all the way!

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