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Elixir supposedly has the ability to affect on a sub-atomic level which allows him to kill

Doomsday has the power to adapt to "anything"

Would Elixir be able to kill Doomsday OR

at least render his adaptibility/healing useless?

If you think he can rob him of his powers but can't kill Doomsday, then who should Elixir be paired with to stop Doomsday?

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No. Elixir will be dead within nanoseconds. For Elixir to get even close to Hulk he had to be on the back of Beast. Doomsday is much faster and has much faster reaction speed than Hulk. But Exilir is on his own. Doomsday will rip off the head of Elixir before he can think.

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Depends on which version. If we're assuming that Elixir can place his hands on DD before he gets torn apart, then he can kill the DOS version of Doomsday. But he'd just resurrect himself with an immunity to Elixir's powers.

The H/P version would probably develop an immunity before Elixir could kill him.

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I'm pretty sure doomsday would rip him in half, in the most literal sense

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Doomsday is faster so he would beat elixir to death. And even if elixir does get a hold of doomsday and rearrange his molecules, doomsday would just evolve upon that so his molecules wont get scrambled and then kill elixir.

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Doomsday is just too versatile to be defeated by a underage high school student, who cannot control his own lusting sexuality or his powers.