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It's time to find out which element reigns supreme. 4 teams of 4 have been gathered across the universe to partake in an elemental showdown. They are all the masters of their particular element.

Representing WATER:

Omi: Has Kajin charm and Shimo Staff

Katara: Has 2 pouches of water on her. No bloodbending

Kisame: Has his sword

Aquaman: Does not have cybernetic hand, trident, or sorcery

Representing FIRE:

Roy Mustang: Has an unlimited supply of gloves

Iroh: Has Sozin's comet boost. (is allowed to use lightning)

Pyro: Unlimited amount of fuel in his tank

Sasuke: No genjutsu or susanno. Limited to fire and lightning releases. Has his sword

Representing EARTH:

Edward Elric: Has his metal hand. Limited to only earth trasmutations

Garra: Has his gourd. He is from his fight with the Kazekage


King Bumi

Representing AIR:



Storm: Limited to only her control over wind

Pigiot: Level 100. Knows the moves:

  1. Air Cutter
  2. Hurricane
  3. Aeroblast
  4. Wing Attack

The location takes place on a huge battle ground divided into 4 sections:

  1. Fire: Desolate wasteland where the surrounding area is on fire
  2. Water: An open field thriving with plant life. A huge lake and waterfall is behind the field (with sea life)
  3. Earth: a rocky area with huge mountains behind them
  4. Air: an open field
  • Everyone starts in their own section of the battlefield. Everyone is 200 yards away, completely visible
  • Everyone is restricted to only using their elemental powers. This means Omi isnt going to be able to move at Mach 1000 and sasuke wont be able to use susanno to one shot everyone. Everyone's strength, running speed, ect, is reduced to peak human. Everyone is on the same playing field in terms of physical attributes. They have to win using their elements.
  • Victory by any means
  • Everyone has 1 year of prep. They know that their power has been reduced (or increased) and they know the general idea of the fight (they will be facing 3 other teams of 4 with different elements). They know generally what their opponents are capable of, but not who they are fighting. The prep will focus on finding ways to counter the other elements.
  • Everyone is in character, morals on. but everyone wants to win

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I'd give it to the Earth team, Gaara being the MVP

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Leaning towards fire or earth.

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I like this matchup a lot!

I think I'm going to have to go with Earth. Garra and King Bumi are insane.


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Going with Water or Earth. Omi is one powerful mo fo.

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With the comet power up, Iroh's probably going to just evaporate all the water on the field.

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Water. It'd be a piece of pie.

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It's gotta be Fire or Earth. Those teams have a lot of power as well skill, plus, some of their members have something that i think is pretty important; brutality.

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earth... or fire

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@knightofzero: Omi for the water team is the weaklink, because he's very naive. Kasime with his Sword, and Katara are the strongest on that team. Kasime can turn the whole field to their team's advantage, and give Katara enough water to fuel her powers. Aqua in water has enhanced speed and durability.

Fire to me is the weakest team. Roy's gloves get wet, or encased in earth, or shredded he is useless. iroh is old but is a tactical mastermind about things he knows, otherwise unpredictable, not as agile, or powerful as he used to be. Pryo can't really make fire, and if his suit is damaged he would have to rely on his teammates to make a flame, Sasuke lighting attack is the only trump card the team has. However water, wind, and earth can counter it. Water can conduct it back to the team, Earth can insulate themselves from it, and Wind can misdirect it, or stop it with pressure field shielding.

Earth I think is the strongest team, and would win more than lose out of all the teams. Gaara's perfect defense sand, coupled with Bumi the mad genius, and Geo force, they could counter pretty much every single attack sent their way and still launch a serious offensive attack on land and air. If any team beats them it would most likely be water.

Wind, is a tough team. Only really due to Tenza, and Storm. Linka and the pokemon should not be there. Linka is the weak link. I would have put Kazuma Yagami from Kaze no stigma on this team and limited him to just wind. However, Storm's feats with Wind is pretty impressive, lifting whole building, punching through mountain, creating jovian pressure fields, random f5 tornado and hurricanes in an isolated controlled areas, and using wind to flash freeze from the outer most atmosphere, etc. Tenza is very powerful and very creative, not to mention very fast.

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I wouldn't say omi is the weakest though, he is potentially the strongest there due to his abilities. Katara is powerful but not in comparison to omi, omi not only has martial arts, he utilizes his elements perfectly within his martial arts. and is better than katara with the element and has possibly shown better control.

You got a point but, sasuke is incredibly fast and is a tatical genius he can easily just trick them by throwing, kunai or windmill shuriken right after cloaking them in fire, the water benders would extinguish it and underestimate it, therefore getting hit by ninja tools. Omi and kaisame may dodge something like that, i don't know about katara and the other guy.

How would any team counter Storm from team wind in any way? not only can she take someone's oxygen from a distance, she has plantery vision, at most, gaara's sand is as fast mach 1 due to its reaction to a explosion feat. But storm has so much she can do with air pressure that his shield will be overwhelmed. Pidgeot can move at mach two, and think, you can level up a pokemon's stats and abilities as pokemon get into battle,(Note to the creator of the op i hope you see this, pidgeot is not a human therefore there is only peak pokemon condition which is level 100) the abilities he is given in the OP are actually pretty powerful. Hurricane would help against any attacks water or fire teams throw at them, aero blast would do the same, and air cutter can cut multiple enemies at once, so , with that, pidgeot can potentially be a distraction. Omi would not be able to take on team wind with only peak human condition, neither would katara(who is not even a peak human in general.) Or kaisame. They would be too overwhelmed.

Earth Is powerful but since stats are lowered they are not even a threat, edward does not have his usually speed or agility, according to the OP so he is a non-factor, Bumi was powerful but since his stats are lowered too, despite decreases can still get blitzed, i don't know about geo-force.