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Echo from Dollhouse vs Chuck Bartowski from Chuck

Both in character

No Prep

Both at full power, so Echo has all of her feats including Epitaph feats and has no headaches. Chuck has his best intersect upgrade and also has no headaches.

Fight takes place in a recreation of the training dojo in the matrix

Win by incapacitation or knockout

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Dollhouse had so much potential but anyway i think it's a draw, both characters acquire skills without any knowledge, i could be wrong though.......inb4imactuallywrong

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Both in character meaning Echo imprinted with assassin personality for this task? If so then I choose Echo cause Chuck being in character is compassionate, sarcastic and is prone to hold back at the start of the combat whereas Echo will go for the kill straight away.

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@Jean199999: If anyone hasn't watched all of Dollhouse this may be a slight spoiler I guess.... Echo has the assassin imprint but she can maintain relative control over her own actions. Like how she did nearing the end of Season 2

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No one else has any thoughts on the Asset vs an Active?